Tradewind 234

Three models available!

Tradewind 234

Multi-Player, Multi-Height, Multi-Purpose

Unitized cabinet, rails, and playfield with:

  • Commercial-grade table strength

  • Cabinet cross brace support to help keep play surface flat

  • No external fasteners

  • Customizable with text and/or graphics on aprons

  • Optional two-piece black laminate table top

Version RV Includes:

  • 6”x1” Veneer MDF aprons

  • Rustic gray stain

Version RP Includes:

  • 6” x 1” pine aprons

    • Distressing Options: None, Vertical, Weathered

    • Stain Options:  Early American, Dark Walnut, Gray

Version RM Includes:

  • 6” x 1” pine aprons

    • Distressing Options: None, Vertical, Weathered

    • Stain Options:  Early American, Dark Walnut, Light Gray

Wood leg with:

  • 5” x 5” wood

  • Stained leg is standard

  • Leg levelers

  • RP Version with wooden cross brace

  • RV Version with low aprons

  • RM Version with metal cross brace

  • Game comes standard with one set of legs, adjustable range from 32”- 40”

    • Air Hockey = 32” (floor to top)

    • Pub Style = 40” (floor to top)

High-pressure blue/gray laminate playfield with:

  • 1” MDF substrate base

  • Clear acrylic covering graphics and entire laminate surface

  • Backer board to help keep play surface flat.

  • Custom colors available

  • Optional custom graphics

Solid wood rails with:

  • Optional stain colors

  • Hidden rail bolts system

  • 40% more bolts than the nearest competitor’s table for increased puck action off rails

  • Built-in abacus scoring

  • Standard quiet package to reduce noise by 90% *patent pending (Assembly Instructions Here)

  • Inserts in top rails to keep rail tight to play surface

  • 45 degree rail corners assembled for performance and safety

  • 5/16” overhang on the nose of the rail

Other features include:

  • (2) 3 ¼” Commercial grade pucks

  • Commercial-grade blower motor in excess of 210 CFM

  • Solid ABS Mallets

  • Optional Power Tap unit

Shipping and assembly information:

  • Assembled Size (LxWxH): 60” x 60" x (32-40)"

  • Assembled Weight: 270 – 500 lbs.

  • Shipped Weight: 330 – 575 lbs.

  • Apron Height: 6” - 10":

Game comes with:

  • (2) 3 ¼” Commercial-grade pucks

  • (2) Solid commercial-grade mallets

  • Abacus scoring

Playfield top
Furniture-grade rails with flush-mounted abacus scoring
View from bottom
Additional cross brace to reinforce legs and support playfield.
5" x 5" wood leg
Comes standard. Available in Early American, dark walnut, or gray stain
Hidden puck drops on all ends
*patent pending
Counter-balanced hidden puck returns
Top rail assembly
Top rails and aprons can be disassembled to maneuver tight spaces
Built-in quiet package
*patent pending
Solid commercial-grade mallets
Two 3 ¼” Commercial-grade pucks
Available in different colors and performance features
Commercial-grade blower motor
UL/CAS approved, 210 CFM blower motor
Flush abacus scoring
Flush abacus allows table top surfaces or conversions to be added
Optional 2-piece table top
The black laminate table top can be added to the table to cover the playfield and create a dining or pub table.
T Molding
Helps protect wooden rails from abuse
Optional Power Tap
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