Sure Shot IS

Sure Shot IS with black inset legs

Sure Shot IS

Professional Table Built for Commercial Abuse, But Designed for Home

  • Manufactured in Michigan

  • Matches the laminate of the Tradewind IS air hockey table.

  • Comes with two-year limited warranty.

High-performance, industry-leading rod assembly (PGI / Fireball) includes:

  • ITSF approved (PGI/Fireball) components

    • Used in 25 countries

  • Two-piece split bearing

    • Allows quick installation of rod-figures-handles to the
      table within minutes without having to remove any parts

  • Industrial grade high tensile steel rods

    • Ground and treated with high-tech anodizing
      process (QPQ) into a stainless steel color

    • Higher resistance against wear and corrosion

    • Fabrication and treatment ensure exceptional
      strength against bending

  • Counter-balance men with ultimate foot design

    • Enables full ball control with easy catch, pass, and shooting

    • Seamless side surface facilitates tic-tac motion.

    • Sharp edges in front make bank shots easy

  • Men and handles attached with double-wound
    spiral pins

  • Non-binding silicone bumpers

    • For better cushioning and longer life with
      PVC washer which keeps bumpers from sticking

  • Palm friendly handles

    • Two-phase TPR injection: combines a hard-core inside
      and a soft surface layer.  This makes best comfort, control
      and tight fit on rods with no wraps needed

Playfield design includes:

  • Customizable

  • ¾” high-pressure laminated playfield and bottom cross supports

  • Attachment on all sides and under the goal wall

  • Clear acrylic covering over the graphics and entire playfield to prevent scratches
    and damage.

Leg models include:

  • 5” x 7” solid wood inset leg

  • Leg levelers

Optional Telescoping Rods:

  • One-man goalie

  • No protruding rods on opposite side

Veneer / Laminated MDF cabinet structure that includes:

  • Customizable laminate / veneer

  • No external bolts or screws

  • 1 ½” aprons with dual end ball returns

  • Wooden top rails

  • Serving hole with groove on each side

  • Customizable

Balls (PGI / Fireball):

  • ITSF Sanctioned

  • Polyurethane

  • Centerless ground for optimal handling and control

  • Surface softness that makes catching and pinning easier


  • Optional one-man goalie

Shipping and Assembly Specifications:

  • Assembled Size (LxWxH): 56”30”x36”

  • Assembled Weight: 225 lbs.​

  • Shipped Size (L x W x H) – Inches:  60"x33"x16"​

  • Shipped Weight: 225 lbs.​

Game comes with:

  • (3) Balls

  • Spiral pin punch

  • Lubricant

Optional Telescoping Rods
Optional Telescoping Rods

No protruding rods on opposite sides

Two piece split bushing
Two piece split bushing
View from top and bottom of table
View from top and bottom of table
One-Man goalie option
One-Man goalie option
Rod assembly
Rod assembly

Industrial-grade high tensile steel rods, silicone bumpers, spiral pins, counter-balanced men

Standard black inset legs
Standard black inset legs
Palm friendly handle
Palm friendly handle
ITSF Sanctioned, Polyurethane Ball
ITSF Sanctioned, Polyurethane Ball

Centerless ground for optimal handling and control

Flush abacus scoring
Flush abacus scoring

Allows table top surfaces or conversions to be added