Sure Shot GS

Sure Shot GS

Sure Shot GS

German Design
American Played

  • Matches the laminate of the Tradewind QI air hockey table.

  • Comes with two-year limited warranty.

High-performance, industry-leading rod assembly (PGI / Fireball) includes:

  • German style bushing

  • Industrial grade high tensile steel rods

    • Ground and treated with high-tech anodizing process (QPQ) into a stainless steel color

    • Higher resistance against wear and corrosion.

    • Fabrication and treatment ensure exceptional strength against bending.

  • Counter-balance men with ultimate foot design

    • Enables full ball control with easy catch, pass, and shooting

    • Seamless side surface facilitates tic-tac motion.

    • Sharp edges in front make bank shots easy

  • Men and handles attached with double-wound spiral pins

  • Non-binding silicone bumpers

    • For better cushioning and longer life with PVC washer which keeps bumpers from sticking

  • Palm friendly handles

    • Two-phase TPR injection: combines a hard-core inside and a soft surface layer.  This makes best comfort, control and tight fit on rods with no wraps needed

Playfield design includes:

  • ¾” high-pressure laminated playfield and bottom to assure flatness

  • Built in field trim for smooth transition

  • Permanent attachment on all sides and under the goal wall

  • Clear acrylic covering over the graphics and entire playfield to prevent scratches and damage.

  • Built in ramps for one-man goalie

Black Laminate MDF cabinet structure that includes:

  • 1 ½” aprons with dual side ball returns

  • Serving hole with groove on each side

  • 16” deep aprons

  • Leg bolt through cabinet for extra structural integrity


  • Solid MDF

  • 4x4 laminated legs

  • Leg levelers with rubber bottoms provides sturdiness during aggressive play

Balls (PGI / Fireball)

  • ITSF Sanctioned

  • Polyurethane

  • Centerless ground for optimal handling and control

  • Surface softness that makes catching and pinning easier


  • Standard one-man goalie

Shipping and Assembly Specifications:

  • Assembled Size (LxWxH): 56x30x36

  • Assembled Weight = 215 lbs.

  • Shipped Size (L x W x H) – Inches

  • Box 1 = 58x33x18

  • Shipped Weight = 265 lbs.

Game comes with:

  • (3) Balls

  • Spiral pin punch

  • Lubricant

One-man goalie playfield design
Rod assembly
Industrial-grade high tensile steel rods, silicone bumpers, spiral pins, counter-balanced men
4" x 4" laminated legs
Includes leg levelers
Palm-friendly handles
ITSF Sanctioned, Polyurethane Ball
Centerless ground for optimal handling and control
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