New Products & Features - 2018

At PGI, we're always looking to improve.  This page showcases some of the newest features of the 2018 calendar year.

Tradewind 234 RM

The Tradewind 234 RM allows for fast-paced game play for up to 4 players.  The optional topper shown here allows the table to convert into a more traditional table surface.  Leg options include pub-style and/or air hockey-style legs.   This game is one of our most attractive, functional, and versatile.  

TW 234 MP with Topper Gray.jpg
TW R1.jpg

Tradewind R1

The Tradewind R1 air hockey table is one of our most affordable air hockey tables while retaining many commercial-grade features such as 6" x 1" aprons and 4" x 4" steel legs.  

Sure Shot R1

The matching unit for our Tradewind R1, this affordable foosball table includes our high-performance, industry-leading rod assembly and black laminate MDF cabinet structure.  

SS R1.jpg
Scoring Unit.jpg

Scoring Unit

Keep track of the score with digital precision and a wireless remote control.  Our scoring unit can be customized with text and graphics and include a multi-colored LED display that can be viewed up to 75 feet away.  It features 4 different operating modes and a programmable game clock.  It uses a built in rechargeable battery with extended battery life and includes the battery charger and remote. 


Bluetooth Sound Bar

This bluetooth sound bar unit can be mounted to all our games.  It offers a wire- and cord-free method of playing your favorite music while you enjoy your favorite game.  Features include:

  • 6-hour rechargeable batter and charger​

  • Wireless remote

  • AUX card

  • TF card

Power Tap

The Power Tap feature can be added to our air hockey games to allow players to control the blower and game power with the tap of a single switch