Ice Boxx

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Ice Boxx

Ice Boxx

Forget the skates, pads, and sticks...It's never cost so little to play hockey.

  • Comes with two-year limited warranty

  • Assembled in Michigan

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High performance, industry-leading rod assembly:

  • Ultra-smooth chrome plated rods

    • Precision-ground tubular rods with 0.120" wall thickness.​

  • High-lubricity materials

    • Nylon bushings and rods result in exceptional play performance with minimal friction wear​

  • Gear box clutch system

    • Engineered clutch design, once exclusive to coin operated hockey games, prevents damage to hockey player or gearbox when opposing players are battling for the puck.​

  • Steel-supported men with 2:1 turn ratio​

    • Steel rod supports allow torque and pressure to be applied to the clutch​

    • 360 degree player turn requires only 180 degree handle turn

  • Palm friendly handles​

    • Two-phase TPR injection: combines a hard-core inside and a soft surface layer.  This makes best comfort, control and tight fit on rods with no wraps needed​

Playfield design:

  • Supported by a system of integrated aluminum extrusions and MDF supports

  • Customizable

  • Attractive playfield graphics

  • 3/8” high-pressure laminated playfield and bottom cross supports

  • Clear acrylic covering over the graphics and entire playfield to prevent scratches and damage.

1" Cabinet structure includes:

  • 10 ½” Apron height

  • Black melamine apron surface

  • 1” Wall thickness

High-profile commercial dome:

  • Center puck drop

  • Hinged for easy access to men goals, and playfield

Side-mounted electronic scoring:

  • Infrared scoring for reliability and accuracy

  • Sounds when goal is scored

  • Side mounted to keep player sight lines clear


  • 3 ¼” x 4” legs

  • 3” Leg levelers included


  • 3/8” Thick

  • 1” Diameter

Assembly and Shipping Specifications:​

  • Assembled Size (LxWxH): 52” x 36” x 52”

  • Assembled Weight: 230 lbs.

  • Shipped Size (L x W x H): 52"x38"x27"​

Game comes with:

  • (3) Pucks

  • (2) Additional Short-Stick Men

    • (1) Red

    • (1) Black

Side-mounted electronic scoring
Side-mounted electronic scoring
Playfield support system
Playfield support system

Integrated aluminum extrusions and MDF supports

3 1/4" x 4" legs with levelers
3 1/4" x 4" legs with levelers
Gear box clutch system
Gear box clutch system
Steel-supported men - 2:1 turn ratio
Steel-supported men - 2:1 turn ratio
Palm-friendly handles
Palm-friendly handles
High-profile commercial dome
High-profile commercial dome