Our Story

The Shelton family has a long history in the recreational game industry that goes back to the 1960's.  So when Todd Shelton decided to start Performance Games Inc. in 2006, he did not have to look very far to find industry leading management.  The first person he spoke to was Dick Shelton, his father, who has over 45 years in the manufacturing industry of the coin and consumer table market.  From there, Todd went to his Uncle Tom Shelton who had over 35 years of engineering and manufacturing.

Performance Games Inc. started by designing and engineering it's product line of soccer, air hockey, dome hockey, shuffleboard, and electronic dart machines.  They manufactured most of it's products, but the models contracted out, the manufactures had to meet the strict guide-lines and specifications.  This way PGI gets the highest quality and durability in the industry, which we demand on every product PGI sells.  Due to these beliefs, we can offer the industry leading warranties on every product.  In addition, these principles have won PGI awards for soccer and air hockey tables in Consumers Digest magazine as Best Buy's for their last three publications.  And, with this rich history, PGI has been able to sell contracted products to one of the largest pool table manufactures and licensing companies in the industry and USA.

In the later part of 2016, the management team decided to bring in the third generation, Mark Killey, to help run the model shop.  At that point PGI decided to concentrate more on it's product line of soccer, air hockey, dome hockey, and a new line of shuffleboard table designs.  However, we will continue to do contract manufacturing as well to offer a full line of designs.

We thank you for getting us to this point and continue to build on our relationships going forward.

Performance Games Inc.